1965 Mustang History

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1965 Mustang History

In 1965 the Mustang fastback model is first introduced. Engine sizes get bigger. The generator is replaced by an alternator. A nicer interior trim option is offered known as the "pony interior", which shows running horses on the back part of the seats, wood grain steering wheel, nicer door panels, and the instrument panel houses five gauges.

The "GT Equipment Group" is also introduced, which offers dual exhaust exiting the rear valance panel, disc brakes and improved suspension. Fog lights are mounted on the grille and the lower body section displays special "GT" vinyl stripes.

The Shelby Mustang GT350 is first introduced in '65, sporting attractive body scoops, racing stripes, improved suspension and a more powerful 289 cid engine. It was well received by high-performance minded enthusiasts. Total number of GT350s built were 526.

There was also the renowned Shelby GT350-R built to compete head-to-head with the likes of the Corvette and the Sunbeam Tiger in the SCCA's B-Production racing class. There were 37 of these beauties built.

The GT350-R was not street legal and was different from the GT350 primarily due to a beefier engine - the 289 cid pushed around 370 bhp. It also displayed a larger exhaust system, better oil cooling, a high rise intake and upgraded suspension to name a few.

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