1970 Ford Torino GT Wallpaper

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Ford Torino GT - 1970 - Wallpaper Picture
1970 Torino GT Wallpaper - Super-Cobra-Jet

Unedited picture submitted by: Rob Cuillerier, Quebec, CA

The Torino GT for 1970 had the power behind it to go head-to-head with any muscle car of the era. It was available with the optional 429 cid - Cobra Jet engine rated at 370 hp, and for even a bigger 'breathtaking' experience you could order it with the 429 cid, Super Cobra Jet engine pushing 375 hp.

For this year the line received a completely redesigned body style which was well received by muscle car enthusiast. Some of the changes included a noticeably longer hood, a shorter rear deck and a lower roof line. The full front section was covered by the grille which now encircles all four headlights. The bumpers were narrower and had a tighter fit. The taillights are now rectangular in shape and sit above the rear bumper. The cars got longer by 5-inches from the previous year which made the overall wheelbase 117-inches in length and approximately 100 pounds heavier.

As far as suspension packages offered for the 1970 Ford Torino GT, the previous "Competition Suspension" alongside the "Heavy-Duty Suspension Package" were still available from past years, and both offered improved handling due to extra-heavy-duty springs at front and rear, Gabriel performance shocks and a beefier front-sway bar.