1968 Camaro History

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1968 Camaro History

1968 Camaro

This year sees a few subtle changes and includes:

The side vent windows are deleted due to the arrival of the Astro Ventilation system

Grille becomes more pointed and the tail lamps are revised

Side marker lights are added

Introduction of cloth interior

5-leaf rear suspension on some models

1968 Camaro SS (Super Sport)

Different styled hoods for the 350 cid and for the 396 cid engine versions are available

A 396 cid 350 bhp is added to the line of engines

Also available is a 350 cid 295 bhp, and a choice of a 396 cid with either 325 bhp or 375 bhp

Heavy duty suspension Larger D70-series tires

"Bumble-Bee" stripes

Production: 30,695

1968 Camaro RS (Rally Sport)

Hideaway Headlights are now vacuum operated

Deluxe Interior Trim

A 350 cid 295-bhp was the hottest engine available for the RS trim package

Production: 40,977

1968 Camaro RS/SS

The best of both trim options were available to make up the RS/SS

1968 Camaro Z/28

The Z/28 badges are displayed on the body for the first time

Powered with a high revving 302-cid engine, advertised at 290 horsepower (actual dyno reading showed closer to 400 bhp)

Suspension is beefed up for street/drag performance

Front power assist disc brakes

Convertible model is not available for the Z/28, but options from the RS trim package are still offered

Production: 7,199