1969 Camaro History

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1969 Camaro History

1969 Camaro

1969 brings a major face lift and considerably more optional horsepower. For the second time in its short existence, the Indianapolis 500 race again chose a white 1969 Camaro RS/SS convertible fitted with a 396 cid as their pace car.

Some noticeable changes:

The body side panels receive a raised "eyebrow" line extending from the front of the fender's wheel well and ending just inside the door, and from the front of the quarter panel's wheel well to the end of the quarter panel, adding a lower and wider stance

Tail lamps are longer and in three sections.

The grille is set deeper in the front

The 427 cid engine is for the first time available, alongside a wide choice of other performance engines

The Camaro ZL1 is offered under the COPO system.

The factory original 396 cid 375 bhp is removed, and the 427 cid rated at 430 bhp (closer to 500 on the dyno) all aluminum power-plant is put in its place. Possibly the fastest muscle car GM ever produced

It also comes equipped with a 4:10 posi rear end, a cowl induction hood, F41 suspension and front disc brakes.

The interior welcomes more comfortable seats and a redesigned dash panel

1969 Camaro SS (Super Sport)

Two available ram air induction systems

The standard 350 cid engine is now pushing 300 bhp for an increase of five extra horsepower

A 396 cid, 350 bhp(L-34) is added to the line of engines

Heavy duty suspension

Production: 33,980

1969 Camaro RS (Rally Sport)

New ribbed style headlight covers with washers

Chrome wheel well moldings, RS badge, drip rails and pinstripes

Deluxe Interior Trim

Production: 37,773

1969 Camaro RS/SS

The best of both trim options were available to make up the RS/SS

1969 Camaro Z/28

Powered with a high revving 302 cid engine, advertised at 290 horsepower (actual dyno reading showed closer to 400 bhp)

Suspension is beefed up for street/drag performance

Front power assist disc brakes

Convertible model is not available for the Z/28, but options from the RS trim package were offered

Production: 19,014