1966 Oldsmobile 442 Wallpaper

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1966 Oldsmobile 442 - Black
1966 Olds Cutlass 442 Wallpaper | 1280_01

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1966 Odlsmobile 442

The Oldsmobile 442 for 1966 came out powered by a 400 cid V-8 putting out 350hp and 440 lb./ft. or torque, with a 4.000 inch bore and 3.975 inches of stroke. These powerful motors required high-octane fuel due to their 10.5:1 compression, which fortunately in the early muscle car days was no problem finding at your local pump station. The rear axle ratio for the '66 442 was 3.55:1.

Some of the factory installed equipment for the 1966 Olds 442 included a heavy-duty coolant rad, a guard-beam frame and a 70-amp battery. It was also equipped with self-adjusting brakes. It had a 20 gallon fuel tank.

The body had a recessed rear window and the side windows were also curved. It had a windshield washer and a 2-speed wiper motor, it also came with roof drip and rear glass moldings. Installed for the first time on the Olds 442 were front fender vents. Other trim added were wheel-opening moldings and side moldings. Also new for '66 were dual back-up light assemblies.

The 1966 Olds 442 weighted in at 3,660 lb. with a wheelbase of 115 inches. The full length of the car was 204.2 inches, with a width of 75.4 inches.